All You need to know About Intellectual Assets

Exactly what is Mental Residence?


Mental residence (IP) refers to creations with the mind. We are surrounded by and constantly interact with someone’s mental assets. Such as, when looking at this textual content you may run into photographs shielded by copyright, you might be sitting before your Computer system which bears a model title guarded by a trademark (such as, Lenovo), you will be in all probability sitting on a chair maybe secured by design and style legal rights and you will be holding a pen the system for that has, at some stage, been patented.

You will find there's normal consensus concerning what tends to make the core of IP content, for example literary, dramatic, musical and creative works, recordings, movies and broadcasting, inventions, registered and unregistered layouts, indications, names and images effective at distinguishing the goods or expert services. For that reason, something you have got produced, from an strategy how to acquire your small business to emblem or computer code, may possibly signify your mental home.

Mental House is protected by IP legislation which include copyright, patents, types, trademarks and geographical indications. They offer the creator the best to use this property and stop Some others from producing unauthorized use in their IP for a minimal period of time. Nonetheless, there is no standard consensus regarding the limits of Intellectual Assets Law. With this brief overview, We are going to focus only on most popular styles IP rights inside our every day exercise: emblems, copyright and patents.



How come I would like to guard my Intellectual Residence?

Your creations are vital for the growth of your small business. As an IP owner you must get pleasure from your hard work, investment decision from the generation and success. Because of this you may decide if And the way your residence can be employed. In fact, IP rights offer you a system for earning money benefit for their use by Other individuals. When your mental generation is stolen, your competition may reap without having sowing, unfairly diminishing your competitive benefit and harmful your online business. So, with the escalating use of the online market place it has never been so easy to access information and the chances of an concept getting copied has not been better. As a result, safeguarding your IP grew to become far more crucial than ever before before.




A trademark or service mark is really a brand name that is registered. It may consist of any word, name, image, structure, or any mix, utilized to discover and distinguish the goods or products and services of 1 vendor or supplier in the Other people. The main functionality of a trademark is to indicate the source of the products or companies, to avoid prospects from staying misled or deceived. For numerous firms, brand name value may perhaps considerably exceed the value of the organization’s tangible belongings. Thus, no wonder why Don Keough, chief functioning officer and also a director on the Coca-Cola Company from 1981 to 1993, has reported: “I outline my function as president of your Coca-Cola Organization extremely simply: It can be to guard and enhance Learn More the logos of the organization.”

So that you can be qualified for protection a mark need to be unique of the proprietor in order to determine the proprietor’s products or solutions. To acquire trademark or support mark protection you must file application for trademark registration both nationally, regionally (European Community) or internationally. In Serbia, trademark apps are to become despatched towards the Mental Home Business in Belgrade. Application desires to precisely specify merchandise and/or companies for which the trademark is to be registered. In advance of sending the application, it is completely vital to undertake Examination of the registered mark database to stop the application staying refused or to reduce the chance of the opportunity trademark infringement, which may have incredibly pricey outcomes. A person with out suitable qualifications in IP regulation may not complete this Investigation correctly.




An notion, no matter how unique, won't be shielded until it really is expressed in a way. Also, it is critical that international IP legislation expressly prohibits introduction of formalities for that security of copyright, meaning that, as opposed to in the situation of emblems and patents, creators love protection without having will need for registration in their works. The intangible house secured by copyright regulation is distinct in that it occurs immediately.

Given that Serbia has signed and ratified A very powerful conventions on copyright – Berne Conference for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Operates and Trade-Relevant Areas of Mental Residence Legal rights (Visits), international IP law ideas use in its nationwide legislation.

For a copyright operator, you may have two different types of rights – economic and ethical legal rights. The financial legal rights are assets legal rights which are restricted in time and which may be transferred from the author to other people in exactly the same way as every other home. They usually involve the right of reproduction, the proper of distribution, the proper to make it available to the public, rental and landing legal rights, as well as the right to make an adaptation of the work. On the other hand, ethical legal rights are legal rights of creators of copyrighted operates, such as the correct of attribution, the proper to have a do the job released anonymously or pseudonymously and the best for the integrity in the function. If your copyright has long been infringed, it's possible you'll defend it in copyright litigation.




Inventions, whether or not products or procedures, that happen to be new, entail an inventive move and so are able to industrial application, may very well be safeguarded by patent. A patent confers an unique right granted by a point out to an inventor for specified time period in return for disclosure of his / her creation inside a doc generally known as the patent specification. The description of the creation within the patent specification needs to be obvious and understandable more than enough, making sure that other experienced folks in that spot of technologies may perhaps complete the invention following the patent expires. The extent from the exceptional rights is described inside the part of the patent software known as the statements. In contrast to copyright, which occurs automatically on development from the get the job done, patents are only granted after the applicant complies with somewhat onerous procedure. In Serbia, to get patent protection one particular needs to file an software to the Intellectual Assets Place of work in Belgrade.

Less than Serbian law innovations may be safeguarded by patent, which lasts for twenty years in the submitting day of application, or petty patent, which lasts for ten years from the filing day of application. The key distinction between these two sorts is in the subject material: petty patent protects only a solution connected to the structure of a product or maybe the layout of its elements, when patent protects solution or maybe a process, or their use. Just before submitting an software for patent or petty patent it's important to check When your creation has already been safeguarded and come across specifics of the inventions belonging to precisely the same subject. This analysis might not be undertaken by somebody without the need of background in IP law.


Learning Through Play


We define Engage in, evaluation the most crucial sorts of Participate in and their developmental Rewards in several areas.

Subject matter: What exactly is Participate in?

Perform is frequently defined as activity carried out for its possess sake, characterised by implies in lieu of ends (the process is a lot more crucial than any end issue or target), versatility (objects are put in new mixtures or roles are acted out in new approaches), and favourable have an effect on (young children frequently smile, snicker, and say they get pleasure from it). These requirements distinction Enjoy with exploration (centered investigation as a toddler gets additional aware of a different toy or setting, that will then lead into Engage in), operate (which has a definite target), and video games (more arranged activities during which You can find some objective, commonly winning the sport). Developmentally, games with regulations tend to be frequent just after about 6 a long time of age, While Participate in is extremely Recurrent for 2- to 6-12 months-olds.

The Research Context

Pretty much all kids Engage in, other than those people who are malnourished, deprived, or have severe disabilities. In between 3% and 20% of youthful youngsters’s time and Electricity is usually expended in Perform,1 a lot more so in richly provisioned niches.2 If younger kids are temporarily deprived of Engage in chances, one example is remaining saved inside of a classroom, they play for longer plus more vigorously Later

As little ones spend time and Vitality in Participate in, and there are alternatives for Discovering every time they do Participate in, there is apparently a necessity for Engage in. That is correct of young mammals usually, Despite the fact that other mammals clearly show a lot less selection of Perform forms than human children. These results propose that Perform has developmental Positive aspects. Benefits may very well be immediate, extensive-expression, or equally. Nonetheless, the exact job of Engage in in Mastering is still debated. A prevailing “Participate in ethos”3,four has tended to exaggerate the evidence for your vital function of Perform. Even so, correlational and experimental evidence recommend important benefits of Engage in, even if some Positive aspects can be obtained in other means.

Locomotor Participate in, including work out Participate in (jogging, climbing, etcetera.), entails massive physique action and is normally thought to support Actual physical coaching of muscles, for energy, endurance, and ability. Workout Engage in raises from toddlers to preschool and peaks at early Most important school ages, when the neural and muscular basis of Bodily coordination and healthy expansion is crucial, and vigorous Perform certainly supplies superior opportunities for this;5 later on, it declines. You can find proof that Lively, playground-style breaks can assist younger children concentrate better at subsequent sedentary tasks,one according to the cognitive immaturity speculation that the “really need to exercising will help younger little ones to Room out cognitive needs for which they have fewer experienced capacities.”six

Social Engage in refers to playful interactions among small children and parents or caregivers in young children nearly 2 several years outdated, but ever more with other young children as social Engage in boosts drastically from 2 to 6 decades of age. At first, playing with a single spouse is advanced adequate, but by 3 or 4 a long time old a Enjoy group can encompass three or more members, as small children obtain social coordination competencies and social scripts.

Parallel Engage in, popular in 2- and 3-year-olds, is when youngsters Participate in beside others without having Considerably conversation. Some Enjoy is Such a Participate in can be physical, include objects or language, be fake, or involve all of these elements. Rough-and-tumble Engage in, like Engage in preventing and chasing, can look like genuine combating, but in Perform combating kids are frequently laughing, kicks and blows will not be challenging or tend not to make Get in touch with, and it is generally carried out with buddies.

Object Participate in refers to playful usage of objects such as developing blocks, jigsaw puzzles, cars, dolls, etc. With babies, this Perform is mouthing objects and dropping them. With toddlers, this is sometimes just manipulating the objects (e.g., assembling blocks), but in some cases includes pretend play (e.g., developing a residence, feeding a doll). Play with objects allows small children to Check out new combos of steps, freed from exterior constraint, and may assist develop difficulty solving competencies. Any advantages of item Participate in must be well balanced versus Those people of instruction, bearing in mind the ages of the youngsters, the nature from the undertaking, and whether Discovering is for precise expertise, or a more normal inquisitive and creative Angle. The greater marked Rewards could be for independent and artistic imagined,8 nevertheless the proof is equivocal.nine

Language Participate in -- At all-around 2 several years outdated, toddlers typically talk to themselves in advance of about to snooze or upon waking up. This is often playful, with repetition and often laughter. Kids use language humorously at three and 4 many years old. (“I’m a whale. This can be my tail.” “I’m a flamingo. Evaluate my wingo.”) Language competencies--phonology (speech Appears), vocabulary and this means (semantics), grammar (syntax), and pragmatics (utilizing language properly in social situations)--are swiftly developing from the preschool decades. Some phonological abilities might be developed while in the solitary monologues when children babble to by themselves inside their cot, but most great things about language Studying almost certainly are available in sociodramatic play.

Faux Enjoy includes pretending an item or an motion is something else than it really is. A banana is actually a telephone, for instance. This play develops from fifteen months of age with simple steps, like pretending to sleep or Placing dolly to bed, developing into lengthier Tale sequences and function Perform. Sociodramatic play, common from all-around three a long time of age, is faux Perform with Some others, sustained job taking, as well as a narrative line. It could include knowledge Other folks’ intent, advanced language constructions, and advancement of (sometimes) novel and intricate Tale strains. Kids negotiate meanings and roles (“You be daddy, correct?”) and argue about proper actions (“No, you don’t feed the infant like that!”).

Lots of Understanding capabilities happen to be Innovative for faux and particularly sociodramatic Engage in.10 1 hypothesis is that it's beneficial for acquiring preliteracy competencies, like consciousness of letters and print, and the goal of guides.11,12,13 The narrative framework of sociodramatic Engage in sequences mirrors the narratives of story publications. For these Advantages, some structuring by adults is helpful (in protecting a Tale line, acquiring suited elements like plastic letters, guides, etcetera.).

A different speculation is usually that faux Enjoy boosts psychological safety. A baby who is emotionally upset, for example, by mom and dad arguing or perhaps the sickness or Loss of life of someone from the loved ones, can operate in the anxieties by acting out this sort of themes in pretend play, with dolls as an example. Engage in therapists use these approaches to help you realize kids’s anxieties; and many therapists believe that it can help the kid get the job done in the direction of a resolution of these.14

A comparatively new hypothesis is usually that faux play improves theory of head advancement. Theory of head capacity usually means having the ability to comprehend (stand for) the expertise and beliefs of others; that may be, that somebody else can have a distinct perception or condition of data from by yourself. This doesn't take place until the age of late three or four a long time outdated. Social conversation with age-mates appears to be vital for this, and social pretend Enjoy (with siblings or with other age-mates) might be Specially beneficial, website as children negotiate distinct roles and recognize that different roles entail diverse behaviors.fifteen Although these Added benefits are plausible, There's very little experimental evidence; the correlational evidence suggests that social pretend Engage in is useful but is only one path to attaining concept of head.sixteen A latest evaluate suggests that additional high-top quality experiments and evidence are wanted before we will be self-assured of what Advantages faux play has.17

Critical Exploration Questions and Gaps

We lack descriptive information on some time and energy spent in various forms of Enjoy. With no this we are not able to fully grasp the putative benefits of Perform. Even more, though play might have several favourable Advantages, this isn't often so. Enjoy preventing is seen ambivalently by nursery personnel as quite a few staff members obtain it noisy and disruptive, and believe it often results in real fights. Actually, study suggests that during the primary school years, only about one% of tough-and-tumble Participate in bouts change into authentic fighting. However, this is a lot more Recurrent for many young children who absence social capabilities and therefore are rejected by playmates. These children normally reply to rough-and-tumble Perform aggressively.18-19

A related area of issue is war play (Participate in with toy guns, weapons, or beat superhero figures).twenty Carlsson-Paige and Levin21 contrasted a developmental look at that Engage in which include war play is really a Main vehicle for youngsters to specific on their own, with a sociopolitical perspective that small children understand militaristic political ideas and values via war play. You can find not a considerable analysis base on which for making knowledgeable judgments about whether the fears are justified. Dunn and Hughes22 observed that 4-12 months-previous, tough-to-control young children showed frequent violent fantasy and the extent of the was linked to poorer language and Perform capabilities, extra antisocial conduct, and less empathic understanding within the age of six several years. This does propose considerations for the effects of these types of Engage in on disturbed youngsters.


In present-day societies, Grown ups are usually involved with kids’s Enjoy, offering Engage in environments and toys. Preliteracy benefits of Enjoy may be Increased by supplying paper, crayons, and plastic letters. Training benefits of Enjoy can be Increased by supplying hard forms of climbing equipment. Imaginative Enjoy can be Improved by delivering lego-type bricks to promote Artistic design actions.

Nursery personnel can work with young children to composition their play and give it a lot more instructional benefit by such as pursuits for instance jigsaw puzzles, coloration and sample matching game titles, and materials like water, sand, and clay that youngsters can manipulate and by boosting sociodramatic Engage in.ten These kinds of Enjoy tutoring involves supplying ideal props (Enjoy house, garments for part Enjoy, healthcare facility equipment, etcetera.), having small children on visits to encourage their creativeness (to your clinic, zoo, and so forth.), and suggesting Engage in themes and aiding youngsters to create them. Play schooling is usually just one fulfilling and effective technique for improving upon techniques in language growth, cognitive advancement, creativity, and part-taking.23

Most experts in Enjoy research feel that a balanced solution is most effective.four,eighteen,19 There need to be good opportunities for genuine free play. Also, there should be some active involvement of adults in structuring some Participate in, as in Participate in tutoring. And, significantly, as small children become old, You will find there's will need for immediate instruction. The harmony amongst varieties of Perform is really a matter of constant discussion. As all kinds of Perform present different chances, a blended program in preschool, with a lot of prospects free of charge and structured Engage in, is likely to generally be finest for kids and to supply them with a happy and stimulating ecosystem where they could prosper.

Geothermal Power

Geothermal Strength

Geothermal Electricity: The Earth's warmth-referred to as geothermal Power-escapes as steam at a incredibly hot springs in Nevada.

The Earth's warmth-known as geothermal Electrical power-escapes as steam in a scorching springs in Nevada. Credit: Sierra Pacific

Geothermal Electrical power is the heat from the Earth. It can be clear and sustainable. Resources of geothermal Electricity vary from the shallow ground to incredibly hot drinking water and hot rock uncovered several miles beneath the Earth's surface, and down even further towards the exceptionally substantial temperatures of molten rock known as magma.

Pretty much in all places, the shallow ground or higher 10 ft from the Earth's floor maintains a nearly consistent temperature in between fifty° and 60°File (10° and sixteen°C). Geothermal warmth pumps can tap into this useful resource to heat and funky structures. A geothermal warmth pump program is made of a heat pump, an air supply method (ductwork), in addition to a heat exchanger-a process of pipes buried inside the shallow floor near the making. Inside the Wintertime, the heat pump gets rid of heat through the warmth exchanger and pumps it to the indoor air supply program. In the summertime, the process is reversed, and the warmth pump moves warmth from your indoor air into the warmth exchanger. The heat removed from the indoor air during the summer season will also be employed to offer a free source of incredibly hot water.

In The us, most geothermal reservoirs of warm water are located during the western states, Alaska, and Hawaii. Wells may be drilled into underground reservoirs for that technology of electricity. Some look at it geothermal electricity crops use the steam from a reservoir to electric power a turbine/generator, while some use the very hot h2o to boil a working fluid that vaporizes after which turns a turbine. Very hot h2o close to the surface of Earth can be utilized specifically for warmth. Direct-use programs incorporate heating properties, escalating plants in greenhouses, drying crops, heating water at fish farms, and a number of other industrial procedures for instance pasteurizing milk.

Hot dry rock sources take place at depths of three to five miles in all places beneath the Earth's area and at lesser depths in certain places. Entry to these assets consists of injecting chilly h2o down a person well, circulating it via sizzling fractured rock, and drawing off the heated drinking water from Yet another properly. At this time, there isn't any professional purposes of the know-how. Present technological know-how also would not yet allow Restoration of warmth straight from magma, the incredibly deep and strongest source of geothermal Strength.

A lot of systems are already designed to reap the benefits of geothermal Strength - the heat from your earth. NREL performs analysis to create and advance systems for the subsequent geothermal apps:

Geothermal Strength Technologies:

Geothermal Electrical energy Manufacturing
Generating electricity within the earth's warmth.
Geothermal Direct Use
Generating heat straight from incredibly hot drinking water inside the earth.
Geothermal Heat Pumps
Utilizing the shallow floor to heat and cool properties.

5 enkla uttalanden om parfym malmö Explained

Varthän kan själv vända mej Ifall själv såsom kund äger en tvist tillsammans ni blad? Var kan mig vända mig Försåvitt jag som beställare inneha någon tvist tillsammans ni sida?

Letar ni postumt En schampo såsom gör ditt hår fylligare? Eller En som Främstärker nyansen i färgat hår? Kan hända En hårschampo såsom motverkar håravfall?

Verifierad kund Underben är någon Verifierad kund Ett verifierad kund är ett individ som inneha köpt saken där recenserade produkten inom vår butik.

Välj klocka ett brett sortiment med vällukt, makeup, hårvård & hudvård åt flamma priser, vanligt upp till 50% mirakel rekommenderade priser. Hos Parfym.flyga handlar du alltid tryggt & absolut, tillsammans rappa leveranser på 1-3 dagar och jämt med prisgaranti.

Här hos oss på ShopAlike.kolla finns parfymer för alla, sportiga av Puma, lyxiga av Dior eller klassikern 4711. Parfym förut var dag och vardagens Byxor och sneakers alternativt parfym förut festen samt de högklackade pumpsen samt den exklusiva hänförande cocktailklänningen. Parfym har används från människor i årtusenden, av Egyptens faraoner via romarna samt fortsättningsvis upp mot nutiden, det finns flera anledningar att hantera parfym. En konstig parfym kan utmärka exakt dej samt existera någon slags prägel på din personlighet, den kan också hjälpa dej att beröra dej säker inom dej jag med hederlig din favoritdoft.

Exponera fler produkter Chanel – glamour tillsammans berättelse Chanel grundades 1910 itu fransyskan Mer information Coco Chanel, som i själva verket hette Gabrielle Bonheur och då varje 27 år veteran. Märkets ikoniska logga med två C:n anspelar på smeknamnet, Coco Chanel. Hon inledde sin lyckad yrkesutveckling inom modevärlden tillsammans att företa enkla hattar, vilka skiljde sig från enärtidens annars Massor präktiga kreationer. När hennes logotyp utvecklades, kom också designen på hennes stass att präglas itu en enkelhet samt en uppemot sportig look.

Icke enkom kommer ni att förvärva vanliga poäng på hur sa du köper på Parfym klick, ändock då och då hittar du också Mycket från gastkramande bonuskampanjer över alltsammans webbplatsen som erbjuder kunderna dubbla eller till samt tillsammans tredubbla Mening på somliga produkter.

Marc Jacobs parfym Marc Jacobs Men öppnar opp definitionerna pro vad ett maskulin arom kan innebära på En fabulöst metod.

Du loggar fullständigt lätt in på ditt konto samt du kan kika dina tidigare Monsterällningar och hur måga bonuspoäng du äger samlat.

Prenumerera E-mail is required Invalid e-mail Nämna din e-postadress och få erbjudanden skickade live till dig. Ni kan när som helst avregistrera dej.

Du äger evigt 30 dagars öppet inköp, Försåvitt du utav någon anledning icke är belåten tillsammans din produkt. Retursedel »

Prenumerera E-mail stelnat vatten required Invalid e-mail Ange din e-postadress och få erbjudanden skickade bums till dej. Du kan nbefinner sig som helst avregistrera dig.

Indikera Ytterligare produkter Parfym - Baksida av underben är toppnot, hjärtnot samt basnot? På NordicFeel inneha vi En grandiost sortiment från parfymer förut både kvinns, män samt unisex. Finna din favoritdoft såsom visar vem du är! Läs mer Ifall toppnoter, hjärtnoter och basnoter längre ned, så hjälper det dej att förstå varför du Uppskattar de dofter ni gillar.

Givetvis, det är dessvärre så stäv flera. Andra behovan endast placera på En ynka lager mascara för att få de längsta samt fylligaste fransarna karl sett, medan hane personligen eventuellt måste kämpa med Flertal förvaringsrum alternativt använda flera olika sorters mascaror. Stundom finns det inga genvägar, men här kommer förslag förut fina, ldunsta bort fylliga fransar.

2-minutersregeln för parfym prover

Armand Petitjean, Plugga under saken där stora Francois Coty såsom lanserade Lancôme 1935. Hans historiska prestationer ingår Nutrix kräm (1936) med ett formel oförändrad i dag, samt Océane utbud (1955) sin formel såsom innehåller Jätte- rena havsvatten berikad med alger samt oligo-element.

Skillnaden ligger i doftkoncentrationen. Det kungenverkar också priserna på dofterna Därborta saken där dyraste är parfym (parfum). Inom neråtstigande Rutt tittar du doftkoncentrationerna som följer:

fatma yiakup, 05 Jan 2015 Recension bruten "Lancome Cosmetics Ellipse Ögonskugga 1.3g Infra Gold 05" upplaga Det varje En finfin inköp ändock varan verkar som få gammalt. Den inneha en Gigantiskt fin pigmentering som herre kan konsumera bägge dag samt natt, båda på jobbet samt gästabud. Tillfredsställd att priset var bra.

# Det såsom är så unikt tillsammans den här doften är saken där varma och mysiga vanilj-patschulin såsom man omsveps itu. Man utstrålar ett godhjärtad glöd dagen reslig, och doften sitter inom enastående Fastän saken där är riktig så Len och tillbakalutad.

Därför att tjäna bonuspoäng tvungen du finnas till registrerad tillsammans oss samt befinna inloggad när du Odjuräller.

Parfym inneha varit en fraktion modehuset Chanel länge och allaredan 1921 skapades saken där ikoniska doften Chanel No. 5, såsom kanske är världens mest kända och klassiska parfym förut damer. Både parfymen och modehuset fick i synnerhet ett stort genomslag i och med att Marilyn Monroe i någon intervju sa att det ända hon hade på sig när hon sov varje Chanel No.

När ni anvankor dig utav någon exklusiv rabattkod tillåts ni redan billiga dofter till ännu lägre Tariff. I vårt utbud tillsammans parfymbutiker på nätet finner ni dom största leverantörerna på marknaden samt ni får chansen att haffa del av exklusiva priser. Här presenterar vi parfymbutiker som Parfym.

Marc Jacobs parfym Marc Jacobs Men öppnar opp definitionerna pro hur sa en maskulin vällukt kan innebära på ett fabulöst fason.

fatma yiakup, 15 Aug 2015 Recension från "Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose Eau de Parfum 15ml Sprej" upplaga Den är någon duktig vardags vällukt i väskan att haffa med åt jobbet eller äga den på jobbet. Doften är Ren samt kvinnlig samt finfin Kostnad stäv ett odladan enastående vällukt. Rekommenderar forte.

Vi inneha ett affiliateprogram hos Adtraction Därborta vi erbjuder provision på all förvärv såsom genereras via din webbsida/blogg. Flyga mer hbefinner sig

Det finns dessvärre inga giltiga rabattkoder från saken där här återförsäljaren För tillfället, skada haffa en titt på samlingssidan så ganska ni hittar någonting övrigt som intresserar dej.

Denna anmärkning framträder sist inom doftkedjan, efter två timmar. Saken där kan vara innestående på huden Flertal dagar postumt att ni har sprayat dej med den.

Lägg inom varukorg Klicka hbefinner sig därför att gå till kassan Varan är lagd i varukorgen Truth or Dare, EdP från Madonna är ett feminin samt vågad doftskapelse. Doften erhållangar essensen av både det tidlösa samt moderna. Någon förförisk mixtur bruten mystik och sensualitet.

Du plikt inregistrera dej därför att ta emot dessa Bonuspohage. Varje Mening är värt 0.10kr. Förut varje köp så kommer ni att få fler bonuspoäng samt dessa kan du tillvarata alternativt fixa ut nbefinner sig du vill! Ju mer du sparar desto större rabatt får ni på ditt nästa förvärv. Hurdan löser mig hemsida ut poängen?

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